Friday, December 7, 2007

Applications of Philosophy, Quite Literally

I am thoroughly ecstatic! I actually have managed the impossible feat of finishing two of my nine PhD applications. These applications have taken almost a month's time, and I am still ironing out the kinks to my writing sample--an entire semester long affair. I will have the esteemed privilege of getting feedback from Andrew Feenberg, Canadian Research Chair in Philosophy of Technology, and renowned Heidegger scholar trained by Marcuse himself. Of course, this is a privilege coming with the price of meeting his criticism of my writing sample right before they are sent out. My writing sample and finishing up my Plato paper while meeting the grading deadlines of my tutorials. I have yet to supervise the giving of their final exam.

Whew! Wipes brow.

Although I do not know how many people actually read this blog, but heh, that's my philosophical life thus far. Almost done with the MA.

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