Friday, September 5, 2008

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For a while now, I have been tracking the astounding number of visits I get from people all over the world that come to my blog. I really do want interaction and if you are even not that versed in philosophy, offering up some thought-provoking comment is welcomed. Please introduce yourself. Respond to a post, and know that all thoughts are welcome in that very spirit that drove Socrates to chat it up with friends and strangers alike.


Vancouver Philosopher.
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intractable said...

Hey VP, just figured I'd drop a note, as invited.

I really enjoy reading the posts here, and the general topic of the blog was what first drew me. I don't have (much) of a formal philosophical background, but am trained in theoretical computer science -- a field that has more than its fair share of those with a hardcore analytical bent. Godel and Turing are our mother's milk, so to speak, but we chug along happily trying to build the next big automated theorem prover. It's all very Sisyphysian.

In any case, I was fascinated by some of the Continentals many years ago, and have often debated ditching a lucrative career "in computers" and heading back to work on a philo degree. In the meantime, and quite possibly for the duration, I lurk around on a couple of philosophy blogs etc. trying to keep the wheels turning.


Vancouver Philosopher said...

Hey There Intractable!


I must say that Godel and Turing are not Greek to me, yet they are like a Romance language with a few cognates--approachable and distant all at the same time.

Be prepared for a head turning event if you go back to study philosophy. Be sure it's something you want. Philosophy has a dizzying effect on its participants professionally and churns the stomachs of some of my students. They heavily desire the "finite-definite-answer-thing."

In any case, welcome again.