Saturday, April 18, 2009

Iranian American from North Dakota Imprisoned (Updated)

Here goes. I'm using every tool I have, my facebook, my blog, my telephone, and my email. I get about 15-20 people from around the world. I can't list all the phone numbers, but it's easy. All you have to do is google the Iranian Embassy in your home country, and make the call. I ask that you copy this blog post to your friends, family and strangers. Anyone that can help.

Here's a list of Iranian Embassies Abroad

This is about someone you don't know, but is an American suffering in an Iranian prison for no reason other than being a journalist in a country that doesn't like transparency or a free press. She's a 31 year old and reportedly frail according to her father.

I'm asking you copy this note to more than just people I know. I am asking you to call, write, email and FAX the Iranian Embassy. In addition, call your own Senator and US State Department.

Roxanna Saberi is a North Dakotan of Iranian heritage that went to file stories for a host of networks in Iran.

She was tried without her lawyer present. She was sentenced for 8 years for espionage. The trial lacked any transparency, and the ruling comes at a shock to a host of media outlets. The charges are baseless.

Here is the full CNN story.

Call the Iranian Embassies and Declare her trial baseless as Senator Conrad did from North Dakota.

I ask that you tag everyone you know, and get her home. But make the call.


2209 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC 20007
Telephone: (202) 965-4990
Fax: (202) 965-1073

Ottawa, Canada: (613) 2334726

Some minor development:


Grégoire said...

thanks for posting this. i sent a letter last week. i hope more people will consider voicing a bit of outrage.

you should post your facebook profile if you dare... i'd love to get blog updates that way.



Pre-Carbondale Philosopher said...

Hello Gregoire,

If you want, you can sign up as a follower of my blog, or check back every once in a while. I am rather open as to whom this blogs belongs to and my work as I develop as a philosopher.

The case in point caught me. Now, she is on a hunger strike.

Grégoire said...

Dear Vancouver/Pre-Carbondale Philosopher:

Our Sister Sabiri just ended her hunger strike, as announced on CNN... She is going to get her appeal heard next week. I'll be crossing my fingers.

I added you to my blogroll. I really enjoy this blog and I've learned a lot from it, so thanks!

Grégoire said...

Philosophers have sought to understand the world, but the goal is to change it.... -Karl Marx

Almost 28,000 activists signed the Care2 petition urging the Iranian government to free Roxana Saberi, and these signatures made a difference. Today, American journalist Roxana Saberi walked out of prison in Iran, and is free.

Ms. Saberi appealed her conviction on charges of espionage, and thanks to international pressure on the Iranian government, she received an appeal date of yesterday and her charges were reduced.

You can read more about Ms. Saberi's appeal and release on the BBC News website. You can also visit to read more about the global campaign to support Ms. Saberi and the Committee to Protect Journalists to learn about the journalists who remain imprisoned in Iran and around the world.

Thank you so much to everyone who signed our petition - it is so heartening to see that when people around the world tap the power of the internet to protest human rights abuses, we really can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

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