Monday, February 18, 2013

Aphorisms of the Edge

These short quirky aphorisms are based upon an exercise in writing. My thought is that there are ways to present ideas beyond argumentation. I do not know if they work at all, though I am thinking of a version of the design argument based upon entropy. As I said, this blog is also my space to rant.

I paint with concepts from the soul onto the world. I paint with concepts seeking an order from within the experience of the world, and hoping that the intelligibility of the world is enough to sustain my desire for the beauty of the soul that projects itself onto the world. We desire to meet ourselves and its likeness in that which is given in disarray, disorder and chaos.

The philosopher is a horrible artist, but then again, the artist is a horrible philosopher.

For me, the miracle of creation is simply that there is something rather than nothing. If it is sloppy, barely tied together in the fabric of reality, I am pleased. I am pleased to meet the order found within the glistening vast cosmos of apparent chaos. Even if life grew from natural processes, the fact of its emergence testifies to the sublime interplay between chaos and order, even an order that disintegrates at the edges of the universe.

There must be an edge somewhere, where the unfinished becomes finished, where the energies of creation sparkle and dissipate into the vast something-ness.

Nothing is a vantage point, a conception of a beginning from a finite intellect that can only apprehend the time and space within the lines it draws---at least, this is where Kant has lead us.

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