Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Agenda

I felt I should list those things I want to get done this summer. I'm aware I'm not working in the classical sense, but having a set of goals also makes me feel like I am where I want to be.

1) Continue to work on a paper in development in which I argue that Husserl's Fifth Meditation in the Cartesian Mediations can be interpreted as offering a picture of what moral intentionality looks like in addition to solving for solipsism of some variety.

2) Get better at German.

3) Outline Division 1 of Being and Time, and try to crack the relevant sections on circumspection. I'm thinking that circumspection breaks down a lot more than Heidegger assumes it does. This breakdown, as I call it, originates when morally relevant considerations supervene on things we find instrumentally bound in the referential totality. Thus, there should be a separate form of being-in-the-world when we find things meaningful in terms of their moral relevance. Why Heideggerians avoid ethics in any traditional form is a little boggling to me.

4) Finish Anthony Steinbock's book, Home and Beyond.

5) Find an apartment in Carbondale, IL over the summer and send out the TA contract for next year.

6) See at least one Pittsburgh Pirates game, preferably with my father. Since I have avidly maintained to my fellow Canadians that baseball is the most complete sport, I should at least follow through with consistency on this belief.

7) Have New Jersey pizza everyday while away for my cousin's wedding this summer in Manasquan, New Jersey.

8) Surprise wife with something awesome for three year wedding anniversary.


Jason said...

Oh nice, New Jersey is the best for pizza and don't believe anyone who says it's NY! You should try to go to a new place every day. Look on</a and see how many there are.

Pre-Carbondale Philosopher said...

Nice to make your acquaintance Jason, unless you're a Jason I know?

Jason said...

Nope, I am a new Jason. Great to meet you too!